Why You Should Be Using Foldables for Your Classroom

More than ever, teachers need flexible and engaging classroom materials. Students across Texas using interactive workbooks and foldables find engaging new ways to learn the subject material, while teachers boast about the results. Read on to learn about foldables and why they should definitely be a part of your classroom in 2021.

What are Foldables?

Foldables are three-dimensional worksheets that incorporate kinesthetic elements into the learning process. Students fill in, color, cut, and fold their foldables in a variety of patterns designed to connect the information they’re learning in tangible ways. Foldables get collected in interactive workbooks that become a personalized record of a student’s educational progress.

Foldables Are Fun

Bland worksheets bore students, leading to a loss of focus and lowered skill retention. Foldable worksheets make learning an activity, incorporating a variety of tasks to keep students engaged. The pride of growing a collection of foldables motivates students to participate and leaves them with tangible tokens of progress in their education.

Hands-On, Brains On

Appealing to a variety of learning styles is key to empowering students to learn. Foldables combine traditional instruction with a hands-on activity, engaging students more comprehensively. Incorporating physical and kinesthetic components into the lessons improves focus and attention.

Substance With Style

As students complete and collect their foldables, their interactive notebooks grow into cherished works. Encouraging students to decorate their notebooks and use them for self-expression leads to increased personal investment in learning.

The sense of ownership they develop inspires them to see their education as a prize to earn. Reviewing interactive notebooks helps students reinforce lessons and prepare for tests with a more personalized approach than a traditional study guide. Showing off their workbooks to family members lets them demonstrate their hard work with pride.

Wide Range

Foldables can cover all sorts of subject matter. From math and science to literature and language and more. Ensuring your students have relevant and accurate information is critical, so the foldables from De Alba Math Center are designed to meet TEKS standards and prepare students for STAAR evaluations. The convenience of a reliable learning method ready to use across multiple subjects saves time spent planning lessons.

Attention and Retention

Foldables keep students focused on the lesson, but they also improve skill retention. By combining learning and creative tasks, students form stronger memories. By associating their interactive worksheets with the lessons, students have multiple memory avenues to access learned information.

Foldables Are Flexible

As we grapple with remote learning and alternative education settings, it’s important to have classroom materials that keep up with your needs. The foldables and other materials available from De Alba Math Center address these needs with careful consideration. We provide teaching resources with a focus on the features that matter most to you and your students:

  • MATH STARR Aligned subjects

Helping students prepare for the State of Texas Assessment for Academic Readiness evaluations is important, and De Alba carefully tailors all of their material to help students succeed.

  • TEKS Curriculum Standards

Ensuring that the curriculum is accurate and effective is crucial to promoting education. De Alba’s classroom materials adhere to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards, so students receive reliable and consistent information.

  • Printed Resources

Printed resources need to be well organized, with clear instruction, in formats easy to provide to students. Even with remote learning, printed consumables help students focus on their lessons by providing familiar worksheets and classroom elements.

  • Detailed Answers Documents

Full definitions, explanations, and answer guides for each foldable keeps lesson planning and grading hassle-free.

  • Electronic Resources

Remote and distanced learning requires digital materials that are easy to distribute, simple for students to use, and consistent with the rest of the materials. 

  • Digital Compatibility

The number of digital platforms teachers rely on for education is growing, but well-designed materials keep up. De Alba designs resources that are easy to integrate with a variety of online platforms, such as Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Schoology, Summit Learning, and more.

  • Electronic Annotation

Feedback is valuable, especially for students. With De Alba’s digital classroom materials, educators can use electronic annotation to add notes and clarifications. Keeping communication between teachers and students easy and accessible reduces friction and helps lessons progress naturally.

  • Learning Gap and Learning Loss

Educators expect increased disruption as families and students manage the pandemic. Foldables and interactive workbooks equip students and teachers with an easy way to identify and address learning gaps.

  • Remediation

As students express themselves and their education with their interactive workbooks, educators are given an extra layer of insight into a student’s educational progress. Being able to identify areas where remediation or intervention is necessary helps teachers address problems early and effectively.

Get Started with Foldables

If you’re ready to bring the excitement and reliability of foldables into your classrooms, there’s no better place to get started than the De Alba Math Center. We specialize in equipping educators with resources and materials designed to work well. While you’re there, make sure to look at the full list of services we offer to help teachers improve classrooms as well!


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