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Student TEKS Trackers

Have your students taken ownership of their progress when setting academic goals for the STAAR test administration?

The following system has given us excellent results in helping students reach their academic goals.

As the STAAR test administration gets closer, the students will take a Benchmark. Each student tracks the TEKS he/she met by placing a green sticker on Score 1. If the student didn’t meet the TEKS, the space remains blank. The green sticker reinforces the students’ progress and creates a positive classroom environment.

The teacher can re-teach a low performing TEKS to all the students who didn’t master it and give them new questions to assess their progress. New successful students record their success with a green sticker on Score 2. The students who have mastered the level have the option of acting as tutors for those who still need help. Finally, the students can take additional practice to demonstrate mastery and record their success on Score 3.

When students receive feedback on their progress, they have a higher opportunity to take action on their education. Implementing the TEKS trackers is a great tool to give students feedback and motivate them to reach their goals.

The teacher can implement the Student-Tracker, the Class-Tracker version, or both. Teachers also have the option to use a pseudonym or a numerical identifier for the Class-Tracker version.

At DeAlba Math Center, we have available free TEKS Trackers for individual students and whole classes. Additionally, we offer Benchmark assessments, instructional videos, and STAAR practice questions with our I Do – You Do® program.

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