Reach the Math STAAR® Distinction

At De Alba Math Center, we are passionate about creating products and services that facilitate reaching the Math STAAR performance level each school has set a goal for. Whether that be for an entire campus, one grade level, or a specific group of students to accomplish masters or meet their performance category.

Coaching Math Teachers (3-12)

We become the support a teacher needs to have a successful school year!

From designing or creating lesson plans to modeling the best teaching practices and even having content support accessible 24×7 should you have any questions. A math teacher faces many challenges, such as:
Why not provide them with a group of friendly professionals with the experience, knowledge and passion that will be directly transmitted, modeled and shared with them to ensure the teachers and students reach their highest potential? Contact us today so we can personalize a support system for your Math teacher(s).

Design and/or Implementation of Math Intervention Programs and Tutoring (3-12)

Working Together to Close the Achievement Gap!

At DeAlba Math Center we enjoy working with teachers and/or students because we share the same goal: close the achievement gap! Either to meet or to master the STAAR test. We can execute or help a teacher with designing and modeling an effective Math intervention or tutoring program. We ensure our programs identify students’ strengths and build from them, we follow the best teaching practices (student centered, conceptual understanding, differentiation etc.), include a tracking system (pre-assessment, post–assessment, exit tickets, etc.) and a motivational component!
We are always striving to help meet your goals and get the results you need under the accountability rating system in Texas. Contact us today so we can personalize a Math tutoring and/or intervention program at your school.

Lesson Planning

Learn how to engage your students and teach conceptually!

How can I engage my students? How can I distribute and be the most productive I can with my teaching time? How do I make sure I scaffold the math content adequately? Am I teaching conceptually? How do I guide my students to transition from concrete to abstract math ideas? How do I determine if the students are learning? How do I react quickly to address misconceptions? etc.
At DeAlba Math Center, we are able to guide the teachers to make sure they can have the adequate answers and examples to all these questions.

Creation of Specific Math Practice Resources (3-12)

Customize the training your teachers need

At DeAlba Math Center, we are constantly creating resources to specific campus’ needs. For example, if some students did not master or meet certain math objectives, would you like to add specific resources to address those math objectives? What about a math interventionist that needs to close an achievement gap?
What if you need a group of students to reach the master level? What if you would like to implement daily mini-quizzes, bi-weekly exams, or unit exams? You can count on us to create any math resources you can think of!

Creation and Implementation of Math Benchmarks (3-12)

Know your data to plan your interventions, tutoring and re-teaching!

Many schools implement different STAAR aligned benchmarks through different times in the school year. This is great because it helps measure progress, prioritize the tutoring and/or intervention, identify objectives that you need to re-teach, etc.

At DeAlba Math Center, we can help you customize your benchmarks. That can include a full benchmark, an only readiness TEKS benchmark, a reduced-time full benchmark, etc.

Additionally, if your school would like to simulate a STAAR mode benchmark administration, we can provide STAAR aligned printed booklets, administrator instructions, answer documents and item analysis. Contact us today so we can personalize a benchmark administration in your campus.

Math Content Staff Development Sessions (3-12)

Creating resources to your specific campus’ needs.

Our math development sessions are 100% interactive and customizable, from year-round development sessions that support a complete curriculum (all TEKS and categories) to a half-day session that invigorates a specific learning objective (TEKS).

What if you need a group of students to reach the master level? What if you would like to implement daily mini-quizzes, bi-weekly exams, or unit exams? You can count on us to create any math resources you can think of!

Why Choose DeAlba Math Center’s Resources?

DeAlba Math Center

Our resources are developed by Master Mathematics Teachers with many years in the classroom and are continually updated.

DeAlba Math Center

Material is updated for the current school year according to new guidelines and procedures.

DeAlba Math Center

Easy online access to all material makes it simple to use our resources from wherever you are.

DeAlba Math Center

Our resources have dramatically improved STAAR results from previous years.