Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the desired tab and click on the Campus License icon. Scroll down and click on the “Download Free Sample” icon. Next, view items on your cart and click on “Proceed to Checkout”. If you are not a member simply fill out the information required below and proceed to “Checkout” and “Place Order”. On the “Order Detail” headline below “Products” a link to your downloadable file can be found. Simply click on the link and await for your downloadable pdf file to load

With the purchase of a Total Solution package you pay less than the individual products.

The electronic or pdf file can be stored in a hard drive in contrast to the online version which can be accessed through any internet portal and using a cellphone, computer, tablet, etc. The Campus license offers online access to the material and downloadable pdf files.

Yes! We can absolutely schedule a training via on-site or webinar. Please contact me at [email protected] for fees and more details.

The Campus license allows the teacher to store the electronic version of all the documents in their personal computer and display it in their classroom as well as a pdf version of all the files and allows for the entire campus to receive the material. Finally, the Campus license allows for the addition of new material and enhancement of existing features.

The downloaded pdf files and printed version belong to the campus who purchased it.
The teacher’s license do not include printed version. However, online access expires every school year.

They are created by SBEC certified Master Teachers in Mathematics and are current Teachers in the classroom

Our transactions are secured through our SSL certification

Our response time is within a day.

If a customer is not satisfied no questions will be asked within a 30-day limit from day of purchase.

No fee except for shipping.

Yes, (956) 336-8097. If you cannot reach us leave a voicemail and your call will be returned.

Our product are aligned to the standards set on Texas, however, they can be used

As of September, 2018 only Algebra I is available in all formats. More grade levels will be available soon.

A Teacher-Student Edition Binder for each product of STAAR Practice- Do-Now, Quizzes, I DO-YOU DO, Foldables & Skills, Exi Ticket and Benchmarks includes Answer Key.

(1) Modeling all Problems’ Solutions for STAAR Practice-Foldables

(1) Campus License for each product (This allows you to reproduce all STAAR Practice products for all students in the same campus)

(1) Online Access to electronic version of all STAAR Practice Products

(1) Annual Maintenance subscription: Updates, new additions, enhancement of existing features, etc.

(1) Additional printed and online access are available

Each binder is organized by categories and TEKS as well as the documents through the headers.

Yes, however new grade levels will be added soon.

Yes, one can be scheduled upon request.

Yes, we update materials in order to comply to the guidelines set by the state , released assessments, etc. Since you receive online access, updating your binders is really easy!

You will be able to download an updated pdf file however the printed versions are only shipped once.

Orders are shipped that same day if the order is placed before 4 pm while taking into account the post office’s delivery time depending on the delivery.

A standard flat rate of $35.00 will be charged within the United States.