Effective in the Classroom

Our practice resources have been proven by Texas teachers to work effectively in Texas classrooms with Texas students.

Academic Rigor

Our practice resources, facilitate to reach the rigor set on STAAR, assessing skills at the highest depth.

Texas Aligned

Our products are specifically designed to help teachers to prepare students not only to met the TEKS but, to excel the STAAR.

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With our custom online documents viewer you can access your PDFs from any device.

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Why Choose DeAlba Math Center’s Resources?

  • Our resources were developed by experienced teachers with many years in the classroom and are continually updated.
  • Material is updated for the current school year according to new guidelines and procedures.
  • Easy online access to all material makes it simple to use our resources from wherever you are.
  • Our resources have dramatically improved STAAR results from previous years.

What Educators Like You Say

De Alba’s materials are a pedagogically sound, strongly STAAR aligned, and tailored to individual teachersChristie De Leon - Algebra I Teacher
(IDEA College Prep Edinburg)
The materials that we received from De Alba were directly aligned to the STAAR and I saw problems that were at a more difficult level than STAAR at times. David Wagner - Principal
(IDEA College Preparatory North Mission)