5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Foldables in Your Classroom

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Foldables in Your Classroom

Teaching nowadays is far more than just standing at the front of a classroom and giving a lecture. We need to make the most of our time with our students, but they also need to enjoy school. 

Teaching can be a challenge due to children coming from various experiences, home lives, demographics, and more. No two children are alike, and they all learn differently. How can we keep them enjoying learning while also accomplishing all that we need to cover in the classroom? 

Children love to learn by doing. It is not in their nature to sit still all day long. To learn, students must participate. Using foldables in the classroom allows for active learning to occur. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons foldables are a must for your classroom in 2021.

What Is A Foldable?

A foldable is a physical or digital interactive learning notebook that graphically organizes information based on teaching a particular skill. This type of learning tool is perfect for kinesthetic learning, which allows students to learn the information while engaging with it physically, not only learning but also having fun. 

Why Should You Use Foldables?

Foldables can be perfect for many activities such as note-taking, daily work, projects, journals, study guides, and more. When a topic needs more in-depth instruction, foldables keep the students engaged in that continued learning and form mental associations with physical activities that are fun and grounded. This tool allows a student to receive individualized instruction. 

Foldables organize, display, and arrange data and information to enable students to participate more actively in their learning. Let’s take a look at our top 5 reasons why you should be using foldables in your classroom this year.

#1. Student-Made Foldables = Excitement

When a student participates with their own foldable, they are excited to use the finished product. Not only do they learn with the finished product, but they learn throughout the process of creating their own foldable. The process has built-in repetition to reinforce learning. 

Think of it like a student trying new food. If you put homemade potato pancakes in front of a child, they will likely refuse to eat them if they never had it before. However, if you involve them in the cooking process and help them understand what goes into it throughout the process, they will want to try it! Involving students in their learning through foldables is very similar. 

#2. Organization Of Concepts Maximizes Student Learning

With foldables, the organization of lessons maximizes student learning. This organization allows for more excellent retention of concepts and understanding. This strategy works for students of all ages. 

You can teach any lesson through the use of foldables. It takes a little extra planning and additional time for the lesson, but the result is far greater than lectures or worksheets alone. 

#3. Reduction Of Worksheets

Worksheets have long been a staple of learning in the classroom. However, worksheets do not allow for kinesthetic learning. Learning is much more effective when the student is involved, and they are more likely to retain the lesson with foldables that they can engage with physically and mentally, rather than worksheets alone. 

Worksheets may not show students how to apply the information they are learning, while foldables can show the application of learning. 

#4. Increased Student Engagement

A classroom with 20 students completing worksheets can be boring for a child. Some will finish early, others lagging behind or even resting their eyes. With foldables, though, the students are all actively engaged in their learning.

#5. Strengthens Learning And Thinking Skills

Students learn through the use of foldables, but the process also leads to the students thinking beyond the lesson. Practical concepts are put into application, and students retain this kinesthetic and practical knowledge in a way that is much more salient and memorable than with verbal instruction alone. 

What comes next? How can they use this information in their lives? These are some of the fundamental questions that students may ask, but foldables allow them to organize their knowledge to implement it.

Foldables Are Worth the Time and Effort

Foldables take time to create and engage students in new ways. For students that may seem otherwise like they lack motivation, this is a great tool to engage them and keep them interested in learning. 

Many students are easily distracted. The world we live in is rife with so much activity all the time that it can be hard to get them to focus. Involvement in creating helps keep students focused and on task when they otherwise may not have been able to concentrate through listening alone. 

Foldables allow students to process information differently, which is perfect for learning disabled students as well. Students can benefit significantly from the use of foldables. Incorporating color, multiple media such as pen, pencil, crayon, marker, paint and digital means to also keeps students interested and engaged. 

De Alba Match Center Can Help

There are also programs that teachers can partake in to assist their knowledge of online learning spaces, including the use of foldables. At De Alba Math Center, we can provide tools for teachers to prepare their classes for examinations in the online classroom. 

Our solutions allow access through Microsoft Teams, Summit Learning, and Google Classroom, where students can access our instructional videos and print De Alba Math-handouts and foldable. We also provide printed resources like workbooks for students to use as consumables.Contact us today and find out how we can support your classroom learning experience, no matter where it takes you!


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