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Algebra I - STAAR Practice

Quizzes 3.0

(Campus License)

From: $669.00

When the time for taking the Algebra I EOC is getting closer, you can identify where the students are standing and organize a targeted instruction program by using our STAAR Practice – Quizzes. It will help to reach the Math STAAR performance level your school has a goal for.

Another alternative especially when the groups are large is to re-teach the TEKS the data analysis suggests. Our STAAR Practice – Quizzes program, includes three quizzes per TEKS. This resource can be used as a mastery machine whether that be to accomplish masters or meet the students’ grade level.

For example:

  1. You can revisit and teach a TEKS by using the Quiz 1.
  2. Using the Quiz 2, you can assess your students.
  3. You can collect data to identify students who still need help. Thus, you can be able to work with those students, address misconceptions, and give them an opportunity to practice by using the Quiz 3.

Our STAAR Practice Quizzes offer:

  • A printed and electronic version having the latest TEKS and allowing for customizable printing necessities.
  • A guarantee that the students are exposed and familiarized with the STAAR layout and rigor.
  • A resource organized and displayed by its TEKS and category.
Download Free Sample
  • 1 Teacher-Student Edition Binder (includes answer key)
  • 1 Campus License
(this allows you to reproduce the STAAR Practice-Quizzes for all students in the same campus)
  • 1 Annual On-Line access to electronic version of STAAR Practice-Quizzes
  • 1 Annual Maintenance subscription: Updates, new additions, enhancement of existing features, etc.
  • Additional set – one for extra teacher
Number of Students

1-60, 60+


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