‘Do Now’ 3.0

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Using a Do-Now in the classroom will have your students learning as soon as class starts and maximize the learning time while you help a student who was absent, take attendance or handle any additional issues with your students!

Our Do-Now(s) include each math idea set on the latest TEKS. There are four Do-Now(s): A, B, C and D for each TEKS, all of them with a different rigor-level so you can administer the one you deem most appropriate. For example, Do-Now A, for when you start to introduce a new learning objective; Do-Now B for spiral review or for an intervention group; Do-Now C or D for a master-level group, etc.

Our STAAR Do-Now(s) offer:

  • A printed and electronic version having the latest TEKS and allowing for customizable printing necessities.
  • A resource organized and displayed by its TEKS and category
  • An answer key.

Additional Teacher Editions

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  • 1 Teacher-Student Edition Binder
(Includes Answer Key)
  • 1 Campus License
(This allows you to reproduce all STAAR Practice, Do-Now(s) for all students in the same campus)
  • 1 On-Line Access to electronic version of STAAR Practice, Do-Now(s)
  • Annual Maintenance Subscription: Updates, new additions, enhancement of existing features, etc.
  • Additional set – one for extra teacher