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Algebra I - STAAR Practice

Benchmarks 3.0

(Campus License)

From: $192.00

By practicing throughout the year, test anxiety is reduced and students build confidence; consequently, the students will be more successful. We highly recommend administration of Benchmark exams throughout different times during the school year.

  1. You can administer a Benchmark early in the school year to know where your students stand and plan
    their lessons accordingly (Use our Benchmark A, B, C or D).
  2. You can administer a second Benchmark towards the middle of the school year, to identify how much progress each student has made in order to provide adequate on time interventions.
  3. You can administer a third Benchmark two months prior to the STAAR in order to prioritize your re-teaching TEKS.

Our STAAR Practice- Benchmarks A, B, C or D offer:

  • A printed and electronic version having the latest TEKS and allowing for customizable printing
  • A guarantee that the students are exposed and familiarized with the STAAR layout and rigor.
  • An answer key that facilitates item analyzes by description, TEKS and category.

Additional Teacher Editions

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Download Free Sample
  • 1 Teacher-Student Edition Binder
(includes answer key prepared for item analysis)
  • 1 Campus License
(this allows you to reproduce all STAAR Practice-Benchmarks for all students in the same campus)
  • 1 On-Line Access to electronic version of STAAR Practice-Benchmarks
  • 1 Annual Maintenance subscription: Updates, new additions, enhancement of existing features, etc.
  • Additional Set – One for Extra Teacher
Number of Students

1-60, 60+


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