Welcome to the De Alba Math Center Interactive Platform!

Our mission is to empower educators in helping their students reach their full potential on the STAAR® test

De Alba Math Center offers the most engaging and effective math resources helping students succeed in the STAAR® Redesigned test

Grades 3rd – Algebra I EOC

With the De Alba LMS, students can finish sets of lessons grouped by categories and TEKS. This platform also functions like a bank item, enabling teachers to choose the TEKS, number of questions, and type. They can monitor their students’ progress without waiting for the end of a lesson with numerous items. It’s excellent for assigning year-round practice, including interactive quizzes, bell ringers, exit tickets, etc. All the new types of questions are included, such as Equation Editor, Graphing, Number Line, Inline choice, Hot Spot, Fraction Model, Drag and Drop, Match Table Grid, and Multiselect.

Administrators, Teachers, students and parents can also have access to a wide variety of reports that clearly present students’ results, including TEKS, category, type of question, time and more. With this data, educators can make informed decisions about how to tailor their instruction to meet the needs of their students, resulting in a more effective educational experience for all involved.

STAAR® Redesigned Year-Round Practice

The De Alba Math Platform provides practice items all year round, with high-quality animations and pictures presented in an attractive and  engaging manner.  The questions are aligned with the rigorous standards set by TEKS and STAAR® Redesigned but presented in a format that is both challenging and enjoyable.

15 Instructional Days STAAR® Success Unit

  • All the resources are 100% aligned with the TEKS and STAAR Redesigned assessment.
  • Digital & Interactive 15 Days STAAR® Success Review
  • Includes reviews organized by categories
  • Teachers can model solutions using best practices in each review, which includes guided and independent practice
  • Students will have the necessary background knowledge for success in independent practice and therefore in the STAAR® test
  • The interactive platform gives teachers immediate access to results on their dashboard. This enables them to address areas where students need additional instruction
  • A complete benchmark is included
  • Students have access to a report page after they completed an Independent Practice Packet or Benchmark. This allows students to track their progress
  • Printable Packets: The teachers can print the Reviews &  Benchmark
  • All the NEW types of interactive questions are included

Primary Math

Primary Math is a collection of beautiful math lessons for 1th – 6th grade. The whole material has been specially designed to keep the students always motivated. The learners are awarded after successfully completing each exercise, page and lesson. The courseware is full of colorful multimedia assets and gamification features that often place mathematical problems into real-life situations. Teachers and students love it!